Announcing, GigaOM 3.0 and The VoIPDaily


Folks, by now you must have seen some of the changes which have been made to the site. With help of a very dear friend, I managed to make a few changes to the weblog. I hope this will improve navigation and make reading the stuff easier. So with much further ado, I give you GigaOM 3.0. (I thought given that we just crossed the 1000 post landmark, it might be an opportune time to do an upgrade.)

While we are talking about new things, you might have noticed a new entry in the navbar above. It is The VoIP Daily. It is a blog devoted to what else but VoIP, also known as Packet Voice and Voice over Broadband. Why a separate blog? Well there is just too much going on in that space, and I cannot include everything in one main weblog. Hence a little slice on the side as they say. I hope you will subscribe to this new RSS feed as well. There is already tons of stuff, and will be adding more later. In order to make it easy, the sidebar has all the headlines from The VoIP Daily.

By the way, anyone know how to build a site-wide RSS feed, please let me know.



Jon – Thanks for the tip. I will correct the comment preview page right away.

Jon Gales

I think Rollup will combine your feeds. Never used it though.

BTW: Your comment preview page is still unstyled (never fit the old design either).

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