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GigaBeam’s Virtual Fiber

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Fixed Wireless is alive and kicking in version 2.0. GigaBeam, a fixed wireless company in Virginia is benefitting from the exploding demand for bandwidth at various corporations and government organizations.

GigaBeam’s technology employs radio frequency spectrums at 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz to transmit data at multi-gigabit-per-second speeds, the company said. One gigabit-per-second is the equivalent of 647 T1 lines or about 1,000 DSL connections. GigaBeam’s “virtual fiber” uses very thin pencil beams that can transmit through windows. Two small antennae in the same line of sight, positioned on a window inside an office or outside of a building, form one wireless link(Washington Post)

FCC had licensed these super high frequencies back in October 2003, and GigaBeam has gone commercial with it.