V600 Delay confirmed


AT&T Wireless will not be releasing the Motorola V600 up until April 2004. It is not good for Motorola’s first quarter results, but what the hell. According to analysts, the reason for the delay, is because AT&T Wireless wants to test the phone a little bit more. “Meanwhile, Motorola stated that it was normal testing and not a problem with the phone or supply.” In other words, both AT&T and Motorola are playing the game of “pass the buck.” If a delay was normal, why target for February and then quietly let it go by – it is all very fishy, according to Loop Capital. We agree! By the way incase you missed it, AT&T Wireless is going to start offering Early Evenings minutes beginning at 7pm rather than 9pm; only available for plans of $59.99 or more.

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