No wonder they wanted to sellout


Why work hard when you can make a quick few millions without as much as lifting a finger.

bq. Top executives and directors of AT&T Wireless Services could personally pocket nearly $84 million in compensation from the sale of the Redmond cell phone carrier to Cingular Wireless this fall, the company disclosed Friday. AT&T Wireless Chairman and Chief Executive John Zeglis stands to receive more than $21.7 million, according to a Schedule 14A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

bq. Other AT&T Wireless executives who would take part in the big payout include Andre Dahan, president of mobile multimedia services ($9.6 million); Michael Keith, president of wireless mobility operations (nearly $7.5 million); Joseph McCabe Jr., executive vice president and chief financial officer ($6.5 million); and Lewis Chakrin, executive vice president of corporate strategy and business development (nearly $6.4 million). Those payouts include severance pay.

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