Celebrity sightings & V600 Delay


Motorola in bid to generate buzz decided to give Oscar goers its hot V600 phone . But the phone is no where to be found, according to an informal survey by Loop Capital Analyst Ren Zamora.

“After speaking with ~20 AT&T Wireless retail stores nationwide, we believe Motorola’s long-anticipated V600 phone has been delayed, possibly due to a technical glitch with the phone. We now believe the phone will be released in late March or early April, later than the company’s target release timeframe of February. Given the handset’s delay, we no longer view the V600’s contribution in the U.S. as a source of potential upside when Motorola reports its 1Q04 results,” he says.


Keith Lefrancois

This phone has Bluetooth technology, clamshell design with replaceable covers, MP3 ringtones, 5 MB of space, camera phone, Pocket PC 2002 software (IE for browsing internet, etc), MMS, Quad band GSM/GRPS for use anywhere in world, 65K color display, exterior lighting (3 different colors) to show who is calling, J2ME games and apps, WAP 2.0 (WSP/HTTP 1.1, WTCP/IP, xHTML Mobile Profile, WCSS, Cookies, WTLS class 3, TLS 1.0/SSL 3.0), Video Playback MPEG4 and H.263 capabilities, IM (Wireless Village 1.1) embedded client, PIM functionality, and much more!

You tell me if it is worth the wait!

Stu Rowling

Can anyone tell us what is so great about this phone? It looks ugly as sin in the picture, so it must have something going for it… but what?


Sweet – i would not mind owning one. Jon you are a lucky man. Motorola PR is notoriously bad when it comes to dealing with press. they not even send press releases. oh well, what can one say.

Jon Gales

Must be the AT&T software. If you want the phone, it’s worth the wait. AT&T Wireless will charge $299 (with contract). Right now imports are costing $700-$1000.


See below for the latest from AT&T. I’ve obscured the email addresses to foil our spammer friends.

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From: Blasi, Ritch [mailto:ritch.blasiattws.com]
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It’s been delayed due to further quality testing. Expected date is now around the end of April.

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Hello Ritch.

Do you have any information about when the v600 will be available from AT&T Wireless? On January 7th, Motorola announced that AT&T would start carrying the phone (http://www.motorola.com/mediacenter/news/detail/
0,,3725_3112_23,00.html) in February. Since it’s now March, is there a new release date?



I have one of the Aston Martin editions right now. ACS has a pile of them in their office. The thing must be shipping *somewhere*….

Jon Gales

Motorola sent me out the V600 for a few weeks to review. They are shipping fine in Europe. The movie stars in the US all got one. I am thinking the ball is in AT&T’s hands.

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