More Details of BBC iMP Revealed – All Content DRM’d


Something which I am not surprised by…

Background: BBC is trying to offer all its TV content online, through its Interactive Media Player, which will allow users to view any show from the previous week online. In some more details which have emerged:

— all content will be DRM’d, only available for a limited period time, once downloaded.

— As expected, it will also only be available to UK broadband users.

— In a break with the BBC’s long-standing support of Real, Microsoft DRM will be used for the technical trial, but it appears that no final decision has been made.

— the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) will cover fourteen days; seven looking forward and seven backward. People will also be able to recommend programmes it to friends.

— Will be a PC-only application

— Portable (downloadable on MP3 players etc) content will initially be limited to audio

— Later in the year, possibly around Easter, a closed network of users will be given the product to test it.

Keep in mind that this project is (rather confusingly) separate from the other grander BBC project, Creative Achives…this, according to the story, will NOT be DRM-enabled and free to re-use and share..I have my doubts on that as well…

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