3G Services: What consumers want?

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Now that 3G handsets and services are slowly making their way into the marketplace, the question which is on the minds of all CEOs concerned is: what will be that killer application consumer will pay for? Sure photos and streaming video are two options, but what next? Many believe that there will be a lot of experimentation with content. Eurosport business development director Arjan Hoekstra thinks people would want to watch tennis highlights. (Good point, but not in UK. In Australia, I know “3” is pushing cricket highlights on their Motorola 3G handsets to mixed results. “It’s a question of whether the consumer’s ready to pay for it,” said Hoekstra. “Nobody really knows — but we certainly hope so.” Hey I have some advice for you guys: how about just using all that extra spectrum to make voice calls dependable and static free?

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Andy Abramson

What people want will vary by demographic.

Teens want to stay in touch with their friends.

Business executive want to stay in touch with colleagues/customers/team members, and be able to share/collaborate

Investment pros need to have info delivered to them so they can make decisions away from their desk just as if they were sitting at it.

News professionals want to be able to file their story.

Other people, just want a phone that works.

Me, I want a cell signal that doesn’t drop. Otherwise, no matter which of the above suits my needs at the moment, won’t work if I can’t call and maintain the connection.

Bottom line, Viagra for the wireless world is needed… so people can “Stay Connected!”


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