Outsourcing… is it just a headline?


Over past few weeks, it has become clearer and clearer, that outsourcing/off-shoring is the new third rail of American politics. Lou Dobbs, Bob Herbert, a columnist for The New York Times, has decided to add his two cents on the whole outsourcing debate. (Education is not Protection. ) or comments of presidential hopeful (well lets hope he remains that: hopeful), it is clear that it is open season on India and its recent success with outsourcing.

Look this is not a political, social or economic commentary. As a tax-paying resident of United States, I would rather not see a single job go anywhere. But then I don’t make the rules, chief executives do. I think the whole debate is just so “headline oriented.” Shit no one really gives a rats ass about what happens to the people who are losing their jobs here in the US. It is headline for the media, and votes for some presidential hopeful.

Every media outlet has jumped on this issue. Wired has put some exotic Indian lass on their cover, Business Week continues to find a new angle every week to cover outsourcing. And Salon does its bit of bashing everyday. This Pollyannaish coverage of the whole concept of outsourcing does nothing but play on the sentiments and fears of programmers and laid-off workers. When the elections are over, Janet Jackson’s other boob pops out or another one of Britney Spears’ 36-hour marriage takes place, the hordes of media will move on to the next headline. (Lou Dobbs, well lets put him out to the pasture because frankly when it comes to newscasters, he is so past due date. He has no chance in hell beating Cavuto, but that is another story.) I think the anger of many displaced workers is right, and they should be fighting tooth and nail to keep the jobs in this country.

Not a single news outlet has offered an alternate view or that India is not the only country, which is getting the big bump up from outsourcing. This report, which cites McKinsey Consulting, in 2002 Ireland’s share of outsourcing dollars was $8.3 billion. India came in second with $7.7 billion and Canada nailed $3.7 billion. Just compare the three countries, and I would let you draw the conclusions. (Read The Dark Side of the Outsourcing Revolution on AlterNet, ) Funny no Guinness drinking folks made it to the cover of Wired. After all a “dot head” makes a pretty picture, especially when your core constituency of readers is facing some tough times.



One always find a lot of people in this world who think they know best.

Anyways, I am not going to comment on most of your statements in the last para. Opinions afterall are just that. Opinions.

But for god’s sake, while quoting stats, Check on them. India – US trade is in India’s favour and growing more so.

Before I leave, Here is a tip.

Americans are not looking for logic but somebody to put the blame on.

Do you think with the above quotes ( which indeed has been said countless times by others ) you can make americans change their opinion about outsourcing ?

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