In case you were wondering….


why the number of posts has dropped drastically over past few days, I have one word to say: deadlines. A whole slew of deadlines descended on me like a ton of bricks and have been swamped trying to appease the all mighty editors. I hope that the crush would end soon and I will be back to my entertaining self. Meanwhile, please bear with me.



I understand the feeling. I am writing an article on fiber networks and Wi-Fi. The editors asked me to revise it 3 times, not because each time they would get together for another editorial meeting, they’d pick up another aspect of the piece and want me to expand on it. Thank heavens for printing deadlines. There’s only so many revisions they can ask for before they have to send it to the printer.


guys you are the best. that means a lot to me – thanks and be back with gusto over the weekend. i deeply appreciate your very kind words

Andy Abramson

Good journalism is always worth waiting for…

It’s not quantity. It’s quality.

Your quality insight is what keeps us reading…

Take your time, we will still be here.


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