Really Dumb PR People


How not to pay over $400/hour for public relations services… reads the email in my InBox. It is from some dude called Mark Burke at NMC Partners, an LA-based PR agency. This is how the email starts:

bq. A research report by Los Angeles-based NBC-TV 4 found that one well known large PR firm had been charging its client over $400 per hour per consultant and up to $10,000 per day to perform PR activities. Based on this report, it is clear some North American public relations firms are charging clients over $400 per hour.

Instead these guys are offering their services for mere $1,500 per month. Now when you need to send out a massive spam mail to solicit clients, I think even $1,500 may be a bit too much.

bq. I’m certain that NMC Partners can assist you in the growth of your business and achievement of your public relations goals. Please contact me via reply email or by phone at XXXX (numbr delated. Our website is located at Please Note: This email was sent because we have legitimate reason to believe that your business would benefit from our services.

I am not sure if as a reporter I need a PR representative, even if someone who comes at a bargain basement price of $1,500 a month. And even if I did why would I do business with someone who sees no difference between a reporter and a client. There is a reason the other agency charges $400+ an hour. This reminds me of a truism a friend clued me onto: smart people go live in San Francisco, smart and ambitious people go live in New York, and ambitious people go live in LA. I rest my case.



Ouch! Point well taken – sorry about that, but it was meant as a funny tale. Me personally I love the idea of living say in Portland Oregon. SF/LA would not mean anything, P,O is the single highest concentration of really smart people of my age group. North Carolina and Some part of texas seem good to. So don’t take this personally, it was a tiny riff.

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