Microsoft secretly backs Napster


Microsoft is desperately trying to get a toe hold in the digital music business and is now backing any all comers. The New York Post reports that Barons of Redmond are secretly backing Napster and its store. “They certainly don’t want to see [Apple] become so dominant it becomes the de facto service,” said Michael Goodman, an analyst with the Yankee Group. “Microsoft doesn’t really care how many stores there are, but it does care that they’re established.” Meanwhile look at this clear admission of defeat (perhaps) from one of the head honchos of Napster. “One advantage for Apple is that they can market the iPod and iTunes together,” said Laura Goldberg, chief operating officer for Napster, which is owned by Roxio in an interview with the Post. Hey I thought that was the grand idea of partnering with Samsung to make the devices and Napster selling the music. Never mind!

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