Hee Haw Yahoo


(Yes, that’s a terrible, terrible headline..I apologize in advance to country music fans): Ok, before we get to the news, here’s a piece of trivia: what’s the right spelling: Reba McEntyre or Reba McEntire? It is the later, but I can swear she used to spell it differently earlier, but I could be wrong…

And now to the strangest subscription service of the year award: the Academy of Country Music has tied up with Yahoo Launch to launch a premium music service for, well, country music. This program was “designed to give fans of country music a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite artists and music,” said ACM. The paid members fall in two tiers: A one-year”Gold Associate Membership”, priced at $15, includes and “Platinum Associate Membership” is available for an annual $60 fee to the first 1,500 fans.

The members get loads of goodies: exclusive streaming songs from their country music artists, premium radio channel, sweepstakes etc..The members will also have a chance to vote for the category of the Academy of Country Music/LAUNCH Video of the Year at the academy’s annual awards.

If you look beyond the immediate gimmickry, the service is the first such launched by the music industry. It also gives Yahoo a toehold into the new music subscription services market, beyond its LAUNCHcast Plus premium online radio service.

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