Thanks to those trash talking teens and fast driving Nascar dads, Nextel has posted a rocking fourth quarter. The parent company added 500,000 new subscribers, while Boost Mobile added 385,000. That makes it second only to Verizon Wireless. Even the ARPU is up. Looking ahead, the outlook EPS beat consensus. This evokes only one reaction from me: WOW! Nextel should be using its premium stock price to make some acquisitions or do something. It would interesting to see who they go after. FBR analyst Susan Kalla tells The Washington Post, “Nextel will be forced to do some consolidation.” We love Susan, but I agree with Viktor Shvets, an analyst for Deutsche Bank, who told the Post: “When niches come under pressure there are two things you can do. You can either try to become better and better at what you do, or you can bulk up and become a much larger carrier.”

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