Gartner’s Goof-Up?

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Esme over at MuniWireless rips apart the PR spiel from Gartner. If you remember yesterday, I had posted a tiny blurb on hotspot users growth.

bq. Gartner analysts warn: if organizations do not undertake a contract with a service provider to allow access to hot spots and to control costs, employees are likely to use hot spots and list the cost under other expenses.

Esme thinks that Gartner is full of hot air, and writes: “Wait. I thought we were supposed to save money. My idea of saving money is using a free hotspot.”Glad to see that folks are like me – cheap and looking for free hotspots.

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ricardo montalban

gartner isnt full of hot air- i work for billion plus software company- anyone that has tmobile as their wireless provider has added their hotspot plan for an additional cost each month, and then buried it in their expenses as part of their standard wireless package.

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