Google Strikes Back


Search wars in full swing. Many believe that both Microsoft and Yahoo are going to upset the Gogglenaut and reduce it to just a naut. Well not so fast. The incumbent search engine has struck back with some major upgrades.

First up, Chris Winfield, search engine expert and president of 10E20 Web Design in an email explains, “But in our “I NEED IT NOW” environment – timing is everything. Microsoft is still at least 6 months away from unveiling the new & improved MSN search engine. Yahoo! is starting to use results from Inktomi signaling that they might be dropping Google results even earlier than expected.”

Chris who writes the “Search Engine Market Insider” points out that Google has increased their search engine crawl by over 1 billion pages. “In my opinion this isn’t even the biggest improvement. They have also updated their algorithms (how they determine who comes up where) and seem to have effectively cut down on a lot of spammers and sites trying to “cheat the system”, he writes.

bq. Google’s search algorithms are focusing much more on stemming (being able to give someone similar, strong results for variants of words.) For example – if you search for “widget” – you now get similar results for “widget”, “widgets”, “widgeter”, etc. On top of this – Google searches are really relying on “semantics” – being able to not only understand what a website is really about and how it relates to search terms but to understand (from a search term) what a user really wants. This is the goal of every search engine and one of the real pinnacles of success and it seem that with this latest update – Google is closer to being able to achieve this.



I think Google may have mistimed their IPO – between the major portals coming back at them and the traffic cut they must be feeling from losing Yahoo (anyone have any data on this), they’ve missed that “perfect” window. Now, they’ll only have an awesome IPO which only makes the founders worth 2-3 billion dollars. Such is life – I feel bad for those guys.


There’s an interesting article at that talks about how Google’s tremendous lead in number of searches has NOT translated into number of users. In fact, according to the article’s cited statistics, it only ranks as the #5 web property with Yahoo and MSN each reaching nearly twice as many users.

Google’s better bet for growth might be the strategy they are already pursuing – syndication of their Adwords program to third party websites, third party e-mails, etc. They can stay focused on their existing markets and scale them rather than getting into an expensive branding war with Yahoo and MSN.

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