RIAA steps up file-trading suits


The Recording Industry Association of America continuing its bone-headed campaign against file sharers is now filing lawsuits again 531 alleged music swappers, reports CNET News.com. Just as an aside, if you know of any five to ten year old kids who are on this list, please let us know. On a more serious note, RIAA has now sued more than 1500 folks. In the same story, News.com quotes research firm, The NPD Group as saying:

New data released by NPD on Tuesday showed that by December 2003, music swapping was back on the decline. According to the group’s surveys, 21 percent less songs were traded through file-swapping networks by U.S. residents in December, compared with November 2003. About 2 percent less U.S. households engaged in music file trading at all, the group said.

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