Hello PoD People


Nearly a year after I came up with IPoddery, the junta seems to be falling in love with IPod. And rightfully so. The most recent ode to the ‘cute white one’ comes from Village Voice, which muses about the fact that IPod might have replaced the mix-tape as a symbol of one’s undying affection and love.

If anything synthesizes the personal nature of a homemade recording with the ease and techie charm of digital music, it’s the iPod. While other MP3 players (like those made by Nomad and Rio) reflect the individual tastes of the owner, no other gadget has been so successful at developing a certain kind of image: Call it L-train sex appeal. The distinctive white headphones, cutely called “earbuds,” identify a user at 30 yards, so that it’s possible to scan a subway car and instantly know who’s in the club. As a result, even when the plugs in an iPod user’s ears isolate her from the rest of the world, the shiny white oblong on the other end of the wire makes her part of a growing community.

Truly a very clever and eloquent article. Must click and read this VDay.

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