Battle for AT&T Wireless: Round-Up


With all the hoopla around Comcast-Disney merger, it seemed that the other big merger was going to take a back seat. But hopefully by end of the day it seems that things will heat up. It is almost certain that Vodafone will make a $35 billion offer for AT&T Wireless, which is slightly better than $30 billion being offered by Cingular. Secondly, it looks like DoCoMo is going to sit this one out, according to our friends at Loop Capital. Bloomberg Japan says the Japanese giant is still mulling over the decision. Wall Street Journal says that Nextel is showing interest but has not formally decided if it wants to go and make a bid.

The Times of London says that Cingular is going to make a $35 billion all cash offer for AT&T Wireless as well.

Meanwhile there has been another bit of a problem. Somebody has leaked disastrous financial results at AT&T which is putting all bids at risk, reports the Guardian. Apparently, AT&T lost 4% of its customers in January and the average revenue fell 10% compared with a year earlier. This is going to cause a lot of anxiety amongst the Vodafone shareholders, the daily says. Well the leak could have come from the only company in the running which is trying to clear out the decks, and keep competition from bidding higher for AT&T. Now the question is who this leaker is?

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