Battle for AT&T Wireless: Mum’s The Word


Update: AP reports that Cingular bid came in at around $32 billion. That translates to about $11.82 a share, a tad lower than $11.95 a share close price of AT&T Wireless. As of 4.30 PM PST, bidders for AT&T Wireless were keeping quiet, and not commenting if they had made a bid for the company or not. Reuters’ reports that Cingular upped its offer, though it offers no details. It is not even clear that if Vodafone even made the offer. DoCoMo, is out of the running according to some reports. “If Vodafone is in, they’re in it to win. Vodafone doesn’t bid to lose. They might force Cingular to look at T-Mobile” and give up on AT&T Wireless, Guzman & Co. Patrick Comack (News) told CNBC according to the same Reuters’ report. Talking about T-Mobile, I am wondering why the German parent of T-Mobile is not considering an offer. It has put the worst behind it, and by buying AT&T Wireless in one swing it could become the largest carrier in the United States, even bigger than Verizon. Of course, we GSM users might finally have some dependability when it came to making calls on the lousy T-Mobile network.

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