Will 99 Cents Stick on For Digital Products?


A very valid question asked by Dominic Basulto over at TCS, in wake of 99 cents muisc download standard that has emerged. AOL announced plans last month to offer a five-week trial to 2.6 million broadband customers of 99-cent digital movie downloads.

The story compares these moves to the 99-Cents stores (the likes of “Pound Strecher” if you’re in UK). “The key, of course, is building “foot-traffic” to these stores. And that means low-cost, ubiquitous broadband Internet connections…It also means access to quality content at wholesale prices. The best 99-cent stores, after all, are those where the shopper actually recognizes the name-brand product.”

“One day, instead of sorting thorough bins of laundry detergent, soap and potato knishes, the modern consumer could be electronically sifting through bins of ring tones, movies, songs, sound clips and books.”

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