WiFiStyles of the Rich and Famous


Carey International, a limo service here in the Bay Area is offering Wi-Fi enabled Limos to their customers. The Internet connectivity comes from a cellular connection, and the In Limo Hot Spots have been crafted together by a company called In Motion Technology. More Info about technology here. I can do better things that check email when riding in the backseat of a limo, but then….



i think you just answered your own question – crackberry is the way to go – after all the experience is pretty much the same – low speeds and all that


Have you ever sat in a traffic snarl on the 101 or going across one of the bridges? I bet there are some CXOs who might find it useful.

Of course, if these CXOs are so desperate for 24/7 connectivity, they probably already have a crackberry or celluar card for their laptops.

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