Never Mind the Music

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An excruciatingly detailed interview with EMI Group’s CFO Roger Faxon…interesting from start to end, so read carefully. I wish I could analyze it, but time beckons…

“You have to believe that the business will evolve incrementally into a digital distribution model,” Faxon says. “We think in five years, approximately 25% of our business will be digital, even more in some territories.” Yet this won’t include moving into digital retailing. “We’re a content business, and a content business that has to excel with respect to how we develop the product, and excel in its understanding of its consumers so that we can properly market that product. What we are not–and we have taken this view for a long time–is in the business of being the consumer interface.”

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Funny to see the article position EMI as a leader in going digital, when they are still behind on delivering digital files to the legal download services. Where the other labels are delivering digital files, at least one DSP is being shipped EMI CDs which they have to rip manually…

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