Vodafone’s big play


Vodafone, well is Vodafone. It only knows how to do massive deals. So it is no surprise that it is considering buying AT&T Wireless and now according to Wall Street Journal, the entire Verizon. Of course, it wants to keep Verizon Wireless and spin off the remaining gunk called Verizon. Bold Move anyone! All together the cost could be north of $190 billion. I am just shuddering at the whole regulatory mess this thing is going to be. Anyway Vodafone has done it before. In 1999, it launched a bid for Mannesmann, a German phone company, many times it size. It won the hostile bid, sold the wireline assets and became world’s largest phone company. I think it is a ploy – basically to put Verizon on the weaker footing. Clearly if Vodafone wanted to make a pure AT&T Wireless play, it would be out-hustled by Verizon for its share of Verizon Wireless. Now Arun Sarin, Vodafone CEO is sending out a clear message: mess with us, and we are coming after you Ivan!

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