NetScreen’s Big Day


Juniper bought NetScreen for about $4 billion. Read more about the deal on the Business2Blog. It has been a very busy and tiring day so posting has been light. Desperately looking for a software program that would allow me to blog from my Treo 600. All suggestions welcome. Back to full strength tomorrow.


Joseph Fung

Hi Om,

For blogging on the Palm, you could try Vagablog ( It has setup directions for Blogger, MovableType, TypePad, JournalSpace, etc. If you don’t have Hand/RSS, you might want to check that out too. I use it to read blogs on my Treo 600.

Hope that helps!

Joe Fung

PS – Two other apps that you might like for the Treo are Commute and MetrO. I use Commute to hold Port Authority bus schedules and MetrO to find the quickest point-to-point route through the NYC subways.

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