Sour Grapes Anyone!


bq. “Time will tell with that acquisition. So far, they’ve had virtually no growth. Relationships are nice, but in the end do they bring business in the door.” Carly Fiorina, CEO of HP on IBM’s acquisition of Price Waterhouse Coopers and how it is working in Business Week

bq. “The acquisition of the PWC consulting practice would complement HP’s offerings by further strengthening the linkage between business process transformation and technology implementation.” (From HP press release on the possible deal between HP and PWC. )

Lest we forget, a few years ago, Ms. Fiorina had no problems offering nearly $18 billion for the very same consulting company, which incidentally was bought by IBM for l$3.5 billion. I wonder what she would say about the deal, how much business it would get had the merger gone through. (Must read post from Amy Wohl)

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