Cisco’s Service Provider Story, Update


A few months ago I had done an article on Cisco and its increased reliance on service providers for Business 2.0. It also pointed out how the company was going after the large telecom providers. Well a good friend of ours, Aman Kapoor who runs Packetology, a research firm, points out that some of that focus is paying off. In an email following Cisco’s earnings conference call last week, he wrote, “Mr. Chambers mentioned that 25% of Cisco’s revenues are from Service Providers. Please be advised that the 25% includes products and services that are used to build the “Corporate/Enterprise” networks of the service providers.” In his ‘estimate Cisco’s revenues from sale of equipment for the build-out of public networks (RBOCs, IXCs, Cable Co’s, Wireless etc.) to be 15%-18% of Cisco’s revenues.”

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