Rochester hooks up with Napster

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Oh my, its back to the future again! Napster, the dreaded software is making its way back to the college campuses, only this time with all the might of the law behind it. University of Rochester is the second school to sign up as a Napster customer, following the ground-breaking move earlier this year by Penn State University. All 3,700 students living in Rochester dorm rooms will have free access to the Napster service and its rich listing of tethered downloads, says The Register. “Digital distribution of entertainment media is definitely the wave of the future. I am very proud that the University of Rochester will be at the forefront of this emerging trend by offering students easy access to a high quality, legitimate music service,” quipped University Provost Charles E. Phelps. The university says it is paying a lot less than the $9.95 per month fee Napster currently charges.

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