prepares For Re-Naming, Relaunch

2 Comments, whose assets were bought by CNET Networks, is in for a renaming and relaunch in March, according to this post. The site will be renamed, and re-launched in March. Aaron Newton, product manager for the new site said: “When launches in March of this year, artists will be able to register, create an artist, enter songs and artist data, upload MP3 files, and visit the resulting artist page. We’ll also be offering simple URLs that can be used to direct users to your artist page. Yes, the first iteration of will feature a minimal set of features, but we’ve made this choice intentionally so that we can get your music back online as soon as possible.”

Methinks that’s just one part of CNET’s strategy…one will be what is described above; another will be the comprehensive music information site, much like an “aggregation-and-commerce” portal. CNET would, I am sure, have liked to rid itself of the whole uploading-indie-artists heritage of, but the community was too strong for them to back away from it.

CNET wants to drive sales of music and hardware from its site…I am sure most of it is focused around hardware, with reviews and sales tied together…any thoughts on where CNET would go with this?


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