Comcast & The Greedy Pigs

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Bandwidth Hogs (Pig is also known as a hog, but bandwidth pig does not sound right) are finding that Comcast is noticing their downloading ways, according to Contra Costa Times, and asking them to stop. Their bandwidth gluttony, the daily reports is overloading the network, slowing it down and basically causing problems. Cut back, or else, Comcast warns. Anyway the hogs are only 0.5 percent of the 4.8 million Comcast Broadband customers. Of course the great tech support at Comcast, cannot tell the problem hogs, by how much they have to cut back in terms of bandwidth consumption. I for one, believe that there should be a tiered broadband pricing. Guarantee me 5 megabits per second, take $75 a month, no problem. It would be a nice way of dealing with the problem pigs.

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> Guarantee me 5 megabits per second, take $75 a month, no problem.

They do that already (as do DSL providers), but the hogs are still a big problem nonetheless.

No provider could engineer their network in a way that assumes someone who pays for 1.5 Mbps will use 1.5 mbps 24 hrs./day and still offer a reasonable price. A single CMTS supports a maximum of 30 or 40 Mbps downstream IN TOTAL.

Hence there are vendors like Ellacoya that are trying to make a business of controlling the hogs.

– J.

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