Yet another IPod article

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And this time from SF Bay Guardian writer JH Tompkins. While it states the obvious, the juicy and laughable bit is at the very bottom of the story. “Rhapsody is so much better than iTune that they should scarcely be mentioned in the same breath,” staffer Matt Graves said. Good lord, what are these guys from Real smoking these days. If anyone, and I mean anyone how has downloaded anything from with less than three clicks, please get in touch with me. I mean wow! making a claim like HP is as cool as a Powerbook. Nevertheless it is still a great article, worth reading about the cultural and social implications of what I have dubbed, IPoddery.

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Rafat Ali

one thing I will say: I use Rhapsody, and whatever said and done, it is a very good service, among the more underappreciated services out there. It is as if Rhapsody has a separate existence from RealPlayer etc..
On the on-demand streaming side, I doubt anyone else is better…
Wonder what would have happened to Rhapsody if it had not sold out to RNWK?

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