Will Sony’s Campus Action Network Work?

Andrew Lack, CEO of Sony Music, is going on a PR overdrive…he is speaking publicly for the first time since he became the head a year ago…in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, he talks about Sony’s new initiative called CAN — the Campus Action Network. “It’s a way for the (music) industry to provide colleges and universities across the country — small and large — legitimate music services priced inexpensively,” says Lack. “They can choose whatever (online) music service they want that’s already out there — Napster, MusicMatch, a variety of services. We’re working through a structure that gives college campuses a student discount with those services so that what I view as an already affordable proposition will become even more affordable. I think we can have this on campuses all over the country come September.”

Lack says RIAA is also enthusiatic about joining this initiative…

Variety: Lack also spoke to Variety yesterday: “Do Lawyers Lack the Digital Savvy?”: “It has surprised me that lawyers in our business seem somewhat detached from this issue, almost ambivalent to the digital revolution,” Lack said.