Why Cingular Must Win?

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This morning I had posted about the chances of Vodafone and NTT in the AT&T Wireless sweep stakes. Today I heard from Allan Tumolillo, COO of the independent financial analyst firm Probe Financial Associates. Now he is one smart cookie. He predicts that AT&T Wireless is only the first leg of a year long process of wireless consolidation. “Wireless is the only significant prop under the telcos. If Cingular fails, there will be serious repercussions for SBC and Bellsouth,” Tumolillo continues. “Vodafone, in particular, is a serious threat. A ruthless competitor in other markets, Vodafone has been unable to exhibit its harshness while being a part of Verizon.” Cingular must win, or SBC and Bellsouth will surely face a decline in value as it is pushed. Well it is nice to hear that an industry expert like Alan agrees with my thesis, which appeared yesterday as my column over at Business2.com. In case you missed my column from yesterday, Here here is a link to it. My column is published as an email newsletter every second week by Business 2.0.

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john taylor

And did Allan disclose his holdings in AWE?

You’re doing good stuff, but if you scan something like the AWE Yahoo message board, you’ll find market players have been way ahead on this. But I definitely read you to try to make a couple bucks–keep up the good work!


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