Itunes May Win in Europe; So Will ISPs


So think Forrester Research, in a note. Portals–the likes of MSN and tiscali, who have a tie-up with Peter Gabriel’s OD2–will take an early lead, Coca-Cola will fizz, but most consumer goods firms will fall flat, and iTunes will bite back. Forrester thinks that Napster has a lower brand awareness in Europe, and hence may lose out in the end to iTunes.
Also: “Big-bucks marketing campaigns, a deal to sponsor the official UK music chart, exclusive tracks, and competitions for hot tickets to events like The Brits will make Coca-Cola’s offering succeed — assuming the launch-day problems aren’t repeated. But there will be little room left for other consumer brands. Those tempted should pay heed to Unilever’s and Procter & Gamble’s ill-fated ventures into the teen portal market a few years ago: Who remembers Wowgo or Swizzle now?”

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