Hillary Rosen on Rethinking Release Windows


Missed this one last week: Hilary Rosen, former RIAA head and now a CNBC commentator, writes about the new business models emerging within the digital music industry. She takes the industry to task about dilly-dallying on release windows: “Key to the success of the legitimate online business is that music is available online as soon as it is available in-store. And when it has been available even earlier, the buzz has been significant. In the online world, “release windows” go out the window. (Allow me a tangent here: Many have said that the film industry is different, that release windows are too important to the financial underpinnings of the financing model. This may be true. But it doesn’t matter. Once something is out in the digital world, it’s out. The sooner the film business adapts to this notion in a larger way, the fewer piratical incentives it will offer.)”

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