Inflexion, a VoIP roll-up play?

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You know VoIP is hot when former Ameritech President Dwayne Goldsmith decides to launch a new VoIP called Inflexion Communications. So far it has remained in the shadows, but today decided to tell its story to rest of the world. It is more of a roll-up and grow VoIP play. Now is a good opportunity, Goldsmith says, to buy up all the players who have imploded. In last three months Inflexion has bought three pre-paid companies, and the plan is to do a roll-up and quickly build up a large player. Right now the depressed market is a “good time to acquire businesses at great valuation,” he says. When asked what’s so different about the market today, versus during the bubble, Goldsmith says, “Companies back in the bubble did not sell any differentiated products.”

The company bought the assets of Los Angeles-based In Touch Communications, a prepaid home dial tone provider in California with nearly 15,000 prepaid customers. The other two companies that Inflexion acquired are Easy Phone and Local Lines America. Fleet Bank is the primary investor in Inflexion, and the company says it is building out a VoIP infrastructure in many cities. “We are taking the VoIP service to the consumer and corporate customers,” says Goldsmith. The second area of the company’s business focus is to sell VoIP services to city and local governments, public schools and enterprises in about 15 cities, says Goldsmith.

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