Billboard Launches New Subscription Site; Folds Billboard Bulletin

Keith Girard, editor-in-chief of Billboard Info Group at MIDEM: Billboard has launched a new subscription site called (which, by the way, is perhaps the fist real good use of the .biz name I’ve seen in the media industry)…the site will be a premium site focused at music industry insiders, and will also incorporate its Billboard Bulletin website and fax service…it is closing down its fax service and will launch a slew of insider e-mail newsletters, besides the content on the new site, according to Keith Girard, editor-in-chief of Billboard Info Group, who I chatted with very briefly at the Midem festival (and hence the pic on the right, standing in front of the new website display…).

On the website, it says, rather helpfully: “And as a web-product is not as expensive as a fax to produce, we will be able to pass that savings on to you in the form of a more-affordable yearly subscription packaged with your continued subscription to the magazine.”

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