Google is the Devil

Is Google the Devil?

Okay I know there are a lot of conspiracy stories about Google. How it is all too powerful, too dominant and all that stuff. It is like a utility, it knows too much about too many, or even Google is God. Anyway all that stuff may or may not be true, but this recent development scares the living daylights out of me. Anil has linked to a Search Engine Watch story on Orkut, which is the latest social networking application to hit the web.

If you remember some of the arguments I made in my piece, My Network My Way and Privacy concerns raised by this piece, I think Google is positioning itself to pretty much know everything about everyone. You can do phone number look-ups, you can do reverse phone number look-ups, Google someone and get all you need to know about them. And now with this service, you can even track down their friends. Or as the skeptic in me likes to think: triangulate a person on the web.

Like it or not, social networking as it is implemented today is evil. So is Google the new devil? I am not sure about that yet, but I just wonder what will happen to the Sterbble (Friendster-clone bubble) and all the social networking wannabes? For them Google might be the devil.