Where have all the SmartPhones gone?


My cellphone troubles have driven me to drink: enough for me to break my other New Year resolution: no digital buys in 2004. Well that one lasted exactly about 22 days, thanks to T-Mobile’s chronically sick network. I have since taken my own advice, and started shopping for Treo, or anything which goes under the moniker, SmartPhone. Given that I can switch to pretty much any service provider, I cast a wide net, in my search for a SmartPhone.

Verizon seemed to be a good bet, but one quick phone call later I realized that the much vaunted (or maligned) Samsung i600 was not in stock. Oh wait, they had one left, but I had to sign a two year contract. If I could make such a long term commitment, I would have been married by now. But that’s another story. Next up Sprint. Treo 600 and Samsung i500 were two options, but the Sprint folks told me that unlikely that I could buy one today, tomorrow or for next two weeks. AT&T Wireless was my next stop: Motorola MPX200 seemed to be a good option. Nada – none in stock. (I got to test it for a day, and while I was not impressed, I was still willing to give it a shot.) No Treo 600 either, at AT&T Wireless as well. Well that left Cingular, and you know what I think of them and T-Mobile.

Bottom line: all this buzz about Smart Phones is a missed opportunity for cellphone companies. Palm which is behaving like an anorexic film diva could have done well it had met the demand for Treo 600, but never mind. I hope the planning guy was among the 12 percent work force cut they recently made at the company. What about Motorola? All the buzz, publicity campaigns where there are no handsets in stores.



I suffered through two years with T-Mobile. In the fall of 2001 they changed their billing systems. The new system failed to actually mail or email out statements. Obviously you would miss a payment as a result and the collections dept would phone.

Then the next day the phone would go off around 6am. It was an automated call asking my opinion of my call from the collection dept.

Here in Seattle their coverage is amazing. But then all their exec live here.

Andy Abramson


Samsung has a Smarty working on Verizon and now Sprint. It even has an SDIO slot for WiFi card (now the question is does anyone have the drivers)

Secondly, be aware that the Treo’s sold by the carriers are SIM locked. Look on eBay for an unlocked one and then make sure the phone is allowed on the network.

While you can roam, some of the carriers, especially Cingular here in the USA don’t let some equipmet on their network with their SIM’s.

When I was in Europe, I could use my unlocked XDA/T-Mobile PDA phone on Vodafone in UK and SFR in France, it would not work on O2 or Orange.

Andy Abramson

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