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Premium SMS around the corner?

Americans, only a short while ago were all about shopping. But these days it is all about texting, also known as SMS addiction. Thanks to a sassy PR person, I am told that total number of text messages per month in the US exceeds a billion. Or as they 2COOL! In “All My Children’s Sexiest Man in America” and in “American Idol”, viewers were asked to text in their votes for their favorite contestant. In “Access Hollywood”, the hosts poll their viewers on that day’s hot topic. Even during the New Year’s Eve TV special, “America’s Party”, people at home could participate by text messaging New Year’s Eve greetings, which were shown across TV screens all over the U.S. It is true that text messages are everywhere. So why did this flack email me? He is pushing something called, Premium SMS messages from a company called Telenor Mobile Interactive.

bq. Premium SMS allows users to go beyond person-to-person text messaging to send and receive essential information. Premium SMS messages could be “blast” messages sent by providers as alerts, “be heard” messages allowing communication through polls and interactive chats, and “at your request” messages that are responses to brief user messages. SMS alerts and updates also could help the busy socialite or active metro sexual deciding whether to head uptown or downtown on a Friday night. They can text-in requests to receive brief restaurant and movie reviews on the fly or even opt-in to receive discounts from boutiques and stores, which would also help advertisers determine the mobile user’s tastes and preferences.

I am not sure about the premise, but what do you think? I think I lost interest when they said busy socialite and active metrosexual.

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  1. Loic Maestracci

    Re: Andy response. I do agree, SMS would be a killer app for online invitation management. Unfortunetly, eVite declined when my company proposed the service to them.