T-Mobile & My Bay Area Blues

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Catherine Zeta-Jones with her come hither looks has done a remarkable job for T-Mobile. The carrier of choice for us GSM types has managed to play the portability card quite well. Jones and a $40 a month plan seems to have attracted so many users to T-Mobile, that its network performance has taken a massive hit. In past one month I have been consistently missing phone calls, voice mails have pulled a “WMD” on me, and if that was not enough, the incidence of dropped calls has shot up dramatically. For the longest time I thought the problem was with my phone, a Sony Ericsson T-610 which despite its good looks is not good enough to work well with a mediocre network. Ironically the GPRS connection works like a charm – which tells me that all that talk about data consumption going up is just that – talk. Maybe all those click-crazy folks are not zapping photos from their camera phones to one another and other users.

But voice calls – they have become an inexact science. GSM users like me are screwed because T-Mobile, clearly is being like a cheap ho**er, accommodating all comers, not spending any money on network upgrades and basically killing the golden goose. I think for me personally T-Mobile meant good coverage and clear connections. Irony is that since T-Mobile rides on Cingular networks in the Bay Area, there is no point switching to Cingular either. AT&T Wireless – well they are being sold, and there has to be a reason for that. Are you having the same problems?

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I’ve been on ATT GSM for 14 months now and svc has increasingly gotten better and better as they’ve built out their network. Switching away from the horrid SE t68i was a a god send! But even so, call quality has been much better and cust svc (except around the holidays) has been much more consistent. Dunno who will buy ATT, but from what I’ve heard about svc in the Bay Area, both Cingular & TM have more connection probs. I’m sure the increasing quality on ATT connections has a lot to do with droves leaving for other companies, but that’s fine with me as long as my calls go through. :)

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