BBC Lines Up For Instant Repeats Online; Considering Online Gaming


I have a feeling the Guardian has taken up to doing PR for the BBC…nothing new in this story, as the details of this have been in the media before…and most of which I’ve covered on the dedicated BBCi page.

Anyway, the creative archives thing, which also includes the interactive media player project, may be in for a bit of a dampner, as I reported a few months ago. Because of the issue of repeat fees, it is likely that the first set of programmes to appear on the web will be wildlife documentaries, even though the story says you may be able to watch the BBC soaps and drams by the end of this year. I doubt it….

Netimperative: In some more interesting news, BBC’s Vecta unit, which helps bring to market new technologies developed through the BBC’s R&D department, is exploring ways in which it can offer BBC content and applications to online gamers.

Plans are at a very early stage, however, Vecta is considering the possibility of offering ‘real-time’ information such as news, weather, and sports content over gaming platforms and even within games themselves.

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