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Ad Network For RSS Ads

(via Chris Pirillo on RSS Winterfest): An interesting and controversial experiment in inserting ads in RSS feeds…a beta company called RSSAds is developing an ad network to insert ads in RSS feeds…it will sign up feed publishers, and advertisers who wants to buy ads in these feeds, much like a traditional online ad network…”RSSAds is an ad network that will provide a full-service outsourced ad bureau that makes it easy to buy and sell ads in RSS feeds, including technical integration, publisher approval process, and payments.”

What’s the purpose: “We started RSSAds because we use RSS and frankly its annoying that sites don’t provide the full article text within their RSS feed. Although some users are happy with clicking through to the full text article (and having a banner ad served), we feel its more convenient and quicker for users to read entire articles within an aggregator. This service is the solution [in terms of monetizing] to that problem.”