KeepMedia’s Subtle Turn


From the ever-informative Outsell Inc’s weekly e-mail newsletter, comes the news that KeepMedia is now positioning itself as the “online media retailing platform” for publishers (and this is not necessarily news to regular readers of my site, but then, the turn is becoming more and more apparent and makes sense): “Co-founder Louis Borders sees its executive team’s experience in retailing as a key advantage and speaks of the service as “merchandising content.” KeepMedia also provides a different kind of workflow application, one targeting publishers, not users, with a complete channel for paid and premium content from publishers looking for incremental revenue and subscriber acquisition. Its timing may prove to be just right: the music industry’s experience with iPods and iTunes has brought paid, transactional Internet content back into the spotlight, and KeepMedia is ready to ramp up from 150 titles to a much larger scale. It was out of the gate early, has a low breakeven point, and has access to funding for at least two years. The challenge will be creating enough noise in the marketplace to get a critical mass of users’ attention, so that the publishers get enough incremental subscriptions and revenue to remain on the shelves in the content store.”

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