RealPlayer Music Store: What a Mess?

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MacDailyNews has a link to this Washington Post article on Real Player 10.

bq. “In some ways, the new RealPlayer 10 is the worst of all of Real’s releases — after years of complaints about the same problems, the company made only token efforts to address them. And the program’s major new feature, an online music store, is an appalling mess.”

That does not come as a surprise. Look at the mess Rob Glaser himself is – he talks in circles, has a changing strategy, and is well someone you cannot really count on. In comparison, Steve Jobs is always on the money, has a clear vision and has a consumer friendly approach to computing. I think most of these other music stores competing with iTunes will stumble because they are being pushed by companies that are too geeky or enterprise focused. Consumer contentment is not part of their DNA.

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