In St. Louis, its SBC versus Charter


St. Louis, Missouri has become the latest battleground in the war between cable and DSL broadband providers, according to this article in St. Louis Post Dispatch. It is a simple article, meant to be understood by non-techies, but it still paints a good picture of the demand for broadband in the tier-two cities.

St. Louis residents, while loving the concept of Broadband, lament that dealing with the two incumbents, SBC and Charter Communications is daunting, and the service, at times deplorable. The Federal Communications Commission received 81 consumer complaints in 2003 involving SBC’s high-speed service (25 for rates, 56 for service), the article reports. Only two complaints involving Charter Communications’ high-speed service were received by FCC, but that does not mean anything because cable users normally don’t complain to the FCC, the report says.

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