Bowling Green dreams of WiFi


Bowling Green, Kentucky, is likely to have Wi-Fi Internet in its downtown, if ken Thomas has his way. “Wireless downtown Bowling Green is very attractive to me because it says that a rural town can become high-tech very fast,” Ken Thomas told a reporter from Bowling Green Daily News. Thomas, who works with San Francisco-based Frequency Ten, is seeking a few thousand dollars to build the Wi-Fi cloud, that will cover the downtown area. The city which has its own plans is said to be interested in this proposal. According to the report, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities is installing a fiber-optic ring around the city.


Al Bonnyman

Our firm, Fiber Planners, laid out the routes and designed much of the fiber system for Bowling Green Municipal Utilities.

The comment about someone moving back to Bowling Green from California with fire is certainly picturesque.

In reality, the telecommunications group at BGMU there is one of the 2 or 3 sharpest of the 60 or so utilities we’ve worked with around the U.S. BGMU’s fiber network is very sophisticated.

Public agencies in Bowling Green probably have cheaper access to greater bandwidth than their counterparts in most other cities.

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