This one is from the archives! Boston made me eat my words, much respect for how they won, but I don’t love them. – Om

Roger Clemens is back, and he is going to pitch for Houston Astros, with his buddy, Andy Petite. Wells wagged his fingers and hightailed it to San Diego. It makes me very angry, that a man like Roger can go back on his word. All the hype around his last game was just that hype. Nevertheless, when I started to think two things became very clear: success makes others jealous (duh!) and second, that The New York Yankees, are very much like Microsoft. And George is like Bill Gates, except he smokes cigars, is older and crankier. (Well, Bill now you know what you have to look forward to when you turn 75!)

Let me explain why: The Yankees are clearly the most successful team on the Baseball planet, and everyone hates them for it. Why? Because they spend money, play to win and make everyone rich, including the players. Microsoft, like the Yankees, is the most successful team on the software planet, it spends money to buy market share, and new opportunities, and makes everyone rich, including the MicroSerfs. Microsoft muscled its way into new markets like the browser, and Yankees keep snatching up great players like Javier Vasquez and Jason Giambi. These two gentlemen were clearly underpaid at their old teams.

Okay, I am not done as yet! Yankees have suffered criticism for overspending, and being bloated and out-shopping everyone. Baseball authorities have penalized them with luxury tax, ESPN clearly hates the Yankees, if you read their coverage, and lastly, losers like Boston SUX can try and spend but never win against them. (Dumb asses sold Babe! For that alone they should be sent to the Moron planet forever.) Microsoft, also has been penalized by the authorities (justice department), has been a target of attacks from the likes of Oracle (software equivalent of Boston SUX, the perennial #2) and most media hates Microsoft anyway. (Okay Fortune is an exception.)

One group of people who don’t complain about the Yankees: Fans, and they pay the bills. One group which does not complain about MIcrosoft: Investors. (Well this is where I think Bill needs tips from George, because he is not listening to his customers and losing them to good old Linux which is pretty awesome actually.)

And last but not the least, here is another something which must be kept in mind. Like Yankees (or vice versa) Microsoft has suffered from stabs in the back. Andy, David Wells and Roger are the latest example of former Yanks, who made their reputations in New York, collected their millions and high tailed it out of town. Graciousness was not part of it. Ditto at Microsoft where the likes of Rob Glaser made their millions, left. Glaser, if he worked at a lesser company would be a nobody, but never mind.

So there you have it. While no big fan of Microsoft myself, I can say in defense of the Yanks: We shall win, Andy and Roger are going to learn that without the Yankee hitting machine, it is not that much fun. (Read: Turncoat Roger Two Times Yankees.) And for Wells, well I hope, he falls in a Well of Shame. Fat bastard.