The Gurley Bubble


Bill Gurley is like Intel, he is everywhere. And like Intel, he talks too much…errr, he writes too much. Here is his latest, at Always On Network, interestingly called, Predicting the Unpredicatable.It is a column, pretty much about nothing.

bq. The second reason to shy away from such a question is that “trend investing,” especially in venture capital, may in fact be a recipe for failure. By the time something is a trend, it is frequently too late to be making venture investments. So we are searching for the nonobvious trends that have yet to be exploited. If you see any companies that meet this profile, be sure to send them our way!

One trend to invest in, Bill Gurley’s writings which are appearing more often than the news about some of the names on his portfolio, though I think Tropos is onto something. Anyway read the piece.

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