Motorola, Lucent big winners in China


Yesterday there was news of Chinese going on a telecom shopping spree with nearly $2 billion in their wallets. Well looks like Motorola will be selling wireless equipment – worth more than $1 billion – with wireless operators China Unicom and China Mobile. No more details are known at this time, but it is clear that Motorola will supply gear, including wireless base stations and switches, that route wireless traffic on CDMA and GSM networks. UTStarcom, gets $200 million over 12 months with China Telecom. Reuters reports that “Lucent will receive about $350 million in contracts, while Cisco Systems Inc will get about $140 million from Unicom and China Telecom Corp, China’s biggest fixed-line carrier, according to other sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.” Nortel and Ericsson are going to get $150 million each in contracts. Good times have been hard to come by for these guys, but it is finally time to crack open a bottle of bubbly? “There is definitely an element of political theatre in this, but it correctly sends a strong message about the importance of bilateral relations and bilateral trade,” Patrick Horgan, managing director of consultants APCO Worldwide in Beijing said in this report.

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