Vonage Everywhere?

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A month ago I wrote about Vonage’s plans to proliferate the world with their “softphone” client, which would run on PC (available), Mac (coming soon) and hand helds (in beta.) Now here is some more dirt on how VoIP is going to embedded in devices which many have not even imagined. For instance, Texas Instruments and Vonage are working on developing a single chip solution, which is going to eliminate the need for a router, a special ATA device (this is the tiny box which sits between your phone and your high speed Internet connection) and would make it VoIP as easy as making well a phone call (pun intended.)

While it is hard to ascertain when this is going to actually hit the market, but given Texas Instruments’ track record, it could be very soon. While this is not good news for the likes of Cisco and Motorola (which make the ATA) and others like NetGear and LinkSys that make routers, it clearly is a big win for Vonage. It makes it even more easier to use Vonage. Think of it as the first step in “VoIP for Dummies” phase.

Of course long term implications are even more start and potential bad news for wireline and wireless companies. For instance if this chip could be turned into say a CF card, or a PC card, then setting up your phone service (on any device) could become easier. Add this chip-based MMC card to your cellphone, which taps into Verizon’s new broadband wireless network and pretty much eliminate your cell phone voice charges. Two phone lines on one device….possibilities are tremendous

Elsewhere, Scientific-Atlanta, the set-top box maker has announced that it is going to add VOIP features to its set-top box.

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